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If you’re experiencing unexpected urine leaks because of an overactive bladder, you might benefit from treatment with the Urgent PC® neuromodulation system. The team at Spokane Urology offers Urgent PC neuromodulation therapy at their office in Spokane, Washington. In a series of treatments, they change your bladder activity to free you from symptoms of an overactive bladder. Find out if Urgent PC neuromodulation therapy is right for you by calling Spokane Urology or booking a consultation online today.

UrgentPC Q & A

What is Urgent PC?

Urgent PC neuromodulation is a treatment for overactive bladder (OAB) in men and women that doesn’t require surgery. The therapy involves stimulating your percutaneous tibial nerve to change the activity of your bladder.

OAB causes frequent urges to urinate that come on suddenly. People with OAB have difficulty making it to the bathroom on time. They can experience unexpected urine leaks anytime pressure is put on their bladder, like when they laugh or sneeze.

Your risk of developing OAB increases as you get older. Underlying health problems, like diabetes or an enlarged prostate, put you at a higher risk of developing OAB.

When should I consider Urgent PC neuromodulation?

The team at Spokane Urology can recommend Urgent PC neuromodulation to treat your OAB symptoms if medications and lifestyle changes aren’t enough to help.

They might also use the Urgent PC system if you’re looking for a treatment for an overactive bladder or urinary incontinence that doesn’t involve medications.

You can expect a thorough evaluation of your general health, medical history, and symptom severity. The Spokane Urology team will also discuss your other ways of treating OAB before customizing your Urgent PC treatment plan.

Without treatment, an overactive bladder can cause sleep problems and sexual dysfunction. It can also cause depression and other forms of emotional distress.

What happens during Urgent PC neuromodulation therapy?

Urgent PC neuromodulation therapy uses a needle to place a lead wire near the percutaneous tibial nerve through the skin near your ankle. This nerve connects to the nerves in your spine that control your bladder’s function.

Through the wire, your Spokane Urology provider sends impulses of electricity into the nerve to treat overactive bladder. You can expect to have Urgent PC treatments once a week for 12 weeks to change your bladder activity.

The urology team might also recommend maintenance treatments every 3-4 weeks to help you manage your OAB symptoms.

To schedule a diagnostic evaluation of overactive bladder symptoms, call Spokane Urology or book a consultation online.