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Prostate cancer screening

The PSA Test: A Helpful Screening Tool

Spokane Urology encourages men to get annual prostate cancer screenings, despite confusing information around PSA guidelines. Early detection is key to treatment choices!
Jun 5th, 2024

MRI Fusion Prostate Needle Biopsy- What's The Big Deal??

Elevated PSA creates quite a bit of doctor's visits, testing, and anxiety. What does it mean to have an elevated PSA and a negative prostate needle biopsy? Why is the PSA elevated? What do we do? Prostate MRI is helping solve this dilemma.
Aug 18th, 2020

Prostate cancer early detection

Health reporter Rose Beltz and Dr. Ray Lance, Urologic Oncologist with Spokane Urology, are talking prostate cancer...
Nov 7th, 2018