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Male Self Catheterization


How To Catheterize Yourself Using Clean Technique:

  1. Gather the necessary equipment:
    • Towelettes or a soapy washcloth and a wet washcloth for rinsing.
    • Towel
    • Container to collect urine (if not using the toilet or need to keep track).
    • Water Soluble lubricant (Surgilube, K-Y, Lubifax)
      Catheter – Size:
  2. Wash hands prior to beginning.
  3. Assume a comfortable position on the bed or toilet. If you are in bed, place a towel under your hips to protect the bedding.
  4. Wash the penis with a towelette or soapy wash cloth. Then rinse with a wet washcloth.
  5. Apply water soluble lubricant to the insertion end of the catheter. Lubricate about 2 inches of the tubing.
  6. Use your non-dominant hand to hold the shaft of the penis straight and upward. This position makes insertion easier.
  7. Hold the catheter in your dominant hand and insert it in to the urinary opening, advancing it about 8-10 inches until the urine flows freely. When the urine begins to flow advance the catheter at least another 2 inches (you will not harm anything by advancing the catheter even to the hub). Let the penis return to its natural position.
  8. Hold the catheter in place until the bladder has been drained. When the urine flow begins to taper off slowly withdraw the catheter (as you do you may note increased urine flow as urine pockets are drained – stop and let them drain, then continue to withdraw the catheter).
  9. Remove the catheter. Wash your hands and the catheter in warm soapy water and rinse it thoroughly with clean water. Store the catheter in a clean folded towel until the next use. Discard the catheter after 2 Ð 4 weeks. However, if it becomes hard to clean before that time, discard it and use a new one.
  10. Look at the urine for changes:
    • Change in color or cloudiness.
    • Odor to the urine.
    • Back or abdominal discomfort associated with fever.
    • Trouble passing the catheter.
    • Increased discomfort when passing the catheter


Catheterize yourself on the following schedule:

A. At least 4-6 times per day and even more according to fluid intake as needed. (The more you do it the better)
B. Three times a day.
C. Four times a day.
D. Once at night.
E. Try to void prior to catheterizing yourself.
F. Keep a record of the volumes you obtain when cathing.


Travel Kit

You may fix yourself a travel kit. In a baggie keep a catheter, a small package of lubricant and a towelette (pre-moistened wipe). These supplies can be used anywhere away from home.

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