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If you have difficulties urinating because of an enlarged prostate, you might be a candidate for nonsurgical Rezūm™ water vapor therapy. The team at Spokane Urology in Spokane and Spokane Valley, Washington, offers this in-office procedure to relieve the symptoms of an enlarged prostate without using incisions or requiring downtime. Find out if Rezūm is right for you by calling Spokane Urology today or booking a consultation online.

Rezum Q & A

What is Rezūm?

Rezūm water vapor therapy – developed by Boston Scientific – is a nonsurgical treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), an enlarged prostate.

This therapy uses the natural energy in a few drops of heated water to shrink your prostate and help you eliminate urine more efficiently.

Am I a candidate for Rezūm water vapor therapy?

BPH is a condition that affects men as they get older, those who have a family history of BPH, and men with chronic health conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

Your prostate gland sits beneath your bladder. Your urethra (the tube that allows urine to pass out of the body) runs through the center of this gland.

When your prostate becomes enlarged, it puts pressure on the urethra and makes it more difficult to pass urine. Men with BPH might also experience symptoms like:

  • Urgent need to urinate
  • Increased frequency of urination
  • Inability to empty your bladder
  • Increased nighttime urination


Some men also develop urinary tract infections or have blood in their urine because of BPH.

To determine if you’re a candidate for Rezūm, the team at Spokane Urology offers in-office testing services to evaluate your BPH symptoms. They can recommend Rezūm if medication or other therapies aren’t working for you.

How does Rezūm therapy work?

Rezūm water vapor therapy uses water vapor (steam) to remove excess prostate tissue that pushes on the urethra.

This treatment method takes only a few seconds, and the Spokane Urology team performs Rezūm therapy in their office without the need for incisions. They release the steam into the enlarged tissue of your prostate. Over time, your body naturally absorbs the treated tissue to shrink your prostate.

To get the greatest benefits from Rezūm therapy, your urologist will customize your treatment to your needs. You might need several treatments to shrink your prostate, depending on how big it is and how severe your symptoms are.

The results of Rezūm therapy aren’t immediate, but many men experience a noticeable reduction in their symptoms within two weeks. Sometimes, it can take three months or longer to get the full benefits of Rezūm water vapor therapy.

To find out if you’re a candidate for Rezūm water vapor therapy, call Spokane Urology or book a prostate evaluation online today.